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We offer a variety of grooming styles to suit each and every breed

Full Grooms

Full grooming is what everyone thinks of when they think of grooming. It involves a thorough clean in the bath, a high powered dry to remove loose hair and to fluff up the coat, this is followed by clipping/scissoring to any style (given that there are no knots in the coat). Nail trimming and ear care are included every time and anal gland expression if requested and agreed is necessary.

Prices start from £25 and will depend upon size and nature of dog, coat condition and style of groom.

Bathing and Drying

This grooming involves a deep clean and removal of loose coat, ideal for double coated breeds (Husky's, GSD's) and short coated breeds (Pug's, SBT's) that don't usually require clipping. All bath and dry grooms include deshedding shampoo which when used long term helps with the control of shedding hair. the groom also includes nail trim, pad clip and ear clean.
Prices start from £15 for small short coated breeds and £25 for longer, dense coated breeds.

Hand stripping

This type of groom is only available to dogs that have not been clipped previously and has a coat that is naturally strippable. It involves pulling the loose top wire coat by finger and thumb to reveal a soft and colourful undercoat.

A full body handstrip, including nail trim, pad clip, ear clean and a bath starting from £35 depending on size and nature of dog.

Although generally for wire coats, spaniels and occasionally poodles crosses can be stripped too.

Puppy Grooming

Introduction to grooming for under 6 months only.

Puppy grooms are flexible to each individual dog that comes to the salon, but it generally involves a play in the salon, bath, dry, brush, light scissoring or clipping if necessary, nail trim, eye care, ear care.

Includes techniques and training for owners, so bring any equipment you use and any questions you have.

Prices start from £15

Cat Grooming

Personalised for your cat, depending on their stress levels and behaviour.

Can be just a bath and brush, dematting (clipped), full style (lion cut), bath, dry, nail trim.

Prices start from £20 and is currently only available with Katrina.